About Us

Since 1978 the principle owners of ID gear have been in the souvenir industry offering custom products to our site destinations. Offering a high quality product, merchandising with state of the art displays and developing new products has been our mission from the early days of ID gear. We value the experience of over 70 years combined to understand and evolve in the constant change in our industry. The development of baby products has been a great addition to diversify our market place and offer the same excellence and standards that we are proud of at ID gear.

Specializing in the destination and attractions market, we offer a full range of products and services that will turn a footprint at your attraction or gift store into a souvenir profit center. Incorporating a strong combination of design and displays, our products create a unified facing that attracts the consumer. Multiple product selection in combination with complementary design provides the consumer with a variety of choices that help promote individual and multiple sales.
Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles, Stainless Steel Mugs, and Insulated Lunch Bags
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